Meet Konrad Annerud who looks like...

Once upon a time - or, to be more specific - around the mid '90s, fangirling used to be much more straightforward than it is today. The rules of the game were quite simple, actually: everyone was digging the same sweetheart with slicked-back dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes...

If you're still feeling nostalgic about the times when young, rebellious-looking Leo DiCaprio was all the rage, we've got some really good news for you.

21-year old Konrad Annerud, a Swedish bartender, model and musician, has conquered the Internet due to his uncanny - to say the least - resemblance to young DiCaprio.

It looks like Konrad's enjoying some real popularity these days. Even though he's only uploaded 97 snaps to Instagram, he's already gathered over 57k followers.

In an interview for Nyheter, he admitted that "it can become a bit hard sometimes when people call me Leo instead of my name" .

"I get to hear that I look like him quite often, especially since I work as a bartender in a nightclub," he said, adding that "it’s fun to be like him", considering how "handsome" Leo is.

Are we the only ones wondering what Leo would say about Konrad?