Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Tattoos

Miss Jennifer Aniston has Norman, the name of her dog who passed away in 2011 tattooed on her foot. Awe!


Voted one of the most trustworthy Celebs in the world has also made our list. Sandra Bullock has a small tattoo on her back……. But, what is this secret tattoo Sandy?


Winston Churchill had an anchor tattooed on his forearm.


Amanda Seyfried has the word “minge” tattooed on her foot. She said “Colin Firth use to say that word on set and Rachel McDowell had to tell me what it meant. So it’s on my foot. It makes me laugh, and every time I look at it I do.”By the way, if you don’t know what “minge” means I suggest you look it up. I had to.


Mandy Moore has a little heart on her toe. She said, “It was my attempt at being a rebellious rockstar. It didn’t really work"


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