Lady Gaga Offered the Weirdest Gift, You’d Never Think of That

Lady Gaga Had a Gift for American Horror Story Creator: A Bag of Vomit

She plays the role of Countess, a bloodsucker and rather akin to hemophilia than to vampirism.Anyway, the show couldn’t get more „disgusting’” but Lady Gaga thought of something for AHS’s producer, Ryan Murphy.

“I threw up in a plastic bag and I saved it and brought it to [AHS creator] Ryan Murphy," Gaga tells Variety in an interview.

"He was like, ‘Oh, you think you can disgust me? You can’t.’ The thing is, you think you can’t get anything past him, but then he met me. And I’ll bring him a bag of my own vomit to the set.”

Seemingly, Lady Gaga took her acting experience to the highest level, as she declared to be a method actress, she is what she creates. She involved the character she plays in the movie in her real life and her fiancé is not spared.

“It’s quite a challenge for Taylor as well at times because I just don’t give a f--king about sh-t anymore. Because [the Countess] just can’t be, she’s been alive for 100 years. So no matter what goes on in her hotel, if she loses her cool, she can’t handle her sh-t."