A Sex Tape with Shakira Might be Disclosed

Diario Vasco, a Spanish news outlet reported that Shakira and Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique are being blackmailed by a former employee over an alleged sex tape.

The news outlet reported that the blackmailer demanded a large sum of money in order for the alleged tape containing sexual acts where the couple is involved not to be published.

Shakira and her boyfriend, Gerard Pique didn’t comment the speculations and large news outlets in Spain ignored the allegations, which makes us raise an eyebrow.


Celebrities often face situations where they are blackmailed. Recently Charlie Sheen revealed that he has been HIV positive for five years, but over the five years he’s been constantly blackmailed and he had to spend large amounts of money in order to keep his health situation away from the public eye.

However, Shakira’s case is different, nothing has been confirmed and the alleged sex tape does not exist for the moment.

Other celebrities have gone through the ordeal of personal X-rated material exposed and it was not comfortable at all. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were the first among celebrities to be exposed in this way on the internet.

While some celebrities benefit from any kind of publicity, others are the casual victims of malevolent individuals.