Today, the situation is different, only one slip is between you and being someone who will be made fun of. The possibilities are huge.

- You dressed up all sexy, smiling for the camera and slowly starting to walk towards it, but suddenly Ooops, you trip on your high heel. Not a perfect photo shot you imagined.

- One would think that driving a bike is easy, but not if you want to jump off the hill. The only part you forgot is what goes up must come down.

- How many people can fit onto a golf cart before it flips? Not a joke; we know an exact answer – 5.

- What's funny can happen when you open a manhole cover? Nothing really, except if you immediately step into the open hole. Then you’re destined for injury.

- Pogo is fun, isn’t it? Is it fun when you try to pogo on a treadmill? Definitely not. Maybe stilts on treadmill? Still the answer is no. Other people make mistakes, so you wouldn't have to.