Timothy Tiah slammed a milk brand -  the CEO’s response was perfect

Timothy Tiah complaned about a bottle of Farm Fresh Milk he purchased recently. In his blog entry he detailed how he bought what was supposed to be a fresh bottle of milk only to deal with an icky sour taste when he poured it over his cereal.

A few days later he tries it again only to end up with the same result: milk that seems to have gone bad way before its supposed expiration date.

What gives?

According to the brand’s official response, there was a mixup in the filling lines of the yogurt and the milk. They have since then addressed the problem and even offered customers refunds for the bottles that were not up to par with their quality standards.

Case closed, right?

For Farm Fresh Milk CEO Loi Tuan Ee, however, it wasn’t enough to just leave it to the brand’s official response. He reached out to Tiah personally with this honest and humble letter of apology.



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He even took it a step further by donating 12 bottles to an old folks home near their factory when Tiah refused a replacement and sent him some free products.

Tiah sums up his experience:

"I’ve always said that my motto in life is that “It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters”.

I don’t know if I could have done better than what Loi did. He turned a crisis into an opportunity."