Hot celebs with December B-days

Nestor Carbonell, known for his role as Richard Alpert on the hit show Lost will be 48 on December 1st.

Yolandi Visser is a rapper of the group Die Antwoord. Recently she starred in the movie Chappie. Yolandi will be turning 31 on December 1st.

Known by probably everyone in the world Miss Britney Spears will be 34 on December 2nd.

The beautiful Amanda Seyfried who gained fame for her leading roles in Mean Girls, Mama Mia!, and Jennifer’s body. She is also cast as Mary in the 2015 movie Pan. She will be turning 30 on December 3rd.

Nicholas Hoult, who starred in About a Boy and Warm Bodies is from England and will be turning 26 on December 7th.

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