See How the Hottest Celebrities of the Moment Have Been Prepping Up for Christmas

1. Taylor Swift posted this lovely pic of her father Scott decorating the family's Christmas tree on her Facebook page

Thumbs up for keeping it cute and classy, Taylor!

2. When everyone thought they couldn't be surprised by Lady Gaga anymore, she uploaded this to her Instagram

This mermaid Ken is absolutely amazing. Completely unexpected, but still as amazing as it can get.

3. Holly Willoughby's Christmas tree is definitely old-school

But you can't deny that it looks pretty damn great...

4. Kourtney Kardashian went for elegance this year

And it totally worked.

5. At Kylie Jenner's home, it's her friends that stand out, rather than the tree

The cool thing is that this is their first Christmas together at Kylie's mansion, where they moved in a few months ago.

6. The party's in full swing at Kylie's

7. Oh, we almost forgot to mention this up-close photo of her Fendi globe

We don't even want to hear how much this thing costs.

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