10 Stars Who Almost Found Their Death on Set

Keep reading to find out which Hollywood titans almost died while filming some of their most iconic movies or series.

1. Meryl Streep


During the shooting of The River Wild, Meryl Streep fell overboard and nearly drowned, but luckily for her, Kevin Bacon was around to dive into the water and save her. Yay!

2. Johnny Depp


Word has it that during the filming of The Lone Ranger, Depp was dragged by his horse for no less than 25 yards, surviving only through a miracle.

3. Jennifer Lawrence


Jen managed to cheat death on the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, when she nearly suffocated as a result of the malfunction of a fog machine.

4. Gerard Butler


Jerry almost drowned while doing a surf stunt for Chasing Mavericks. A huge wave made him lose his balance, so he ended up staying underwater for a whole minute. Believe it or not, even worse followed: he was rushed to the hospital, but after a while became addicted to painkillers, so he also had to spend three weeks in rehab.

5. Isla Fischer


Similarly, Isla nearly drowned during a stunt on the set of Now You See Me.

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