Megastar Jennifer Lawrence Hates New Year’s Eve and She is Unashamed to Tell You Why

Depending on how old you are, New Year’s Eve might be the best party of the year or that thing you read about the next morning because you were asleep by 10 pm. Regardless, the world will celebrate at the stroke of midnight and somewhere on planet Earth, Jennifer Lawrence will be drunk and miserable.

Best Places to Experience New Year’s Eve

For Jennifer Lawrence, it doesn’t matter whether she hits up the some of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties on the planet or just attends one of the iconic celebrations we have come to know. By her own admission, it usually winds up the same with her being drunk and disappointed. But she is not alone in her disappointment. Millions of people over the years have trekked to New York City to attend the iconic Times Square party. Then, near the stroke of midnight, a ball slowly descends to the count of 10 and it’s over.

People are often left wondering whether the money, effort, and time spent pushing their way through a massive crowd is really worth it to watch a ball drop. Sydney, Australia is another iconic spot as it is one of the first major cities to ring in the New Year. But at least the people of Sydney get an epic firework show that they can see for miles around them over Sydney Harbor.

A Quiet Party with Celebrity Friends

Jennifer Lawrence it seems would prefer to just spend a quiet night with some of her closest friends, where, according to her, she will still wind up drunk and disappointed. We get the drinking part as we are picking up on the theme that Lawrence likes to have a drink or two, or three. But the disappointed part really just boils down to one’s perspective.

Yes, the stroke of midnight is just the passing of a second like any other in time. However, if you used it as a benchmark to take stock in the past and look ahead to the future it can be quite the exciting moment. So here is to hoping this New Year’s Eve is the first great one for Jennifer Lawrence. May she be slightly less drunk and not so disappointed this time...