OUTRAGEOUS - 15 Celebrities Who've Never Won a Grammy

Sitting on a plush chair at Staples Center and hearing your name after the well-known "And the Grammy for [...] goes to" is a feeling hundreds of artists have experienced so far, but not these ones ...

1. Nicki Minaj


By showing not only that she's got class, but also some damn' impressive rapping skills, Nicki did for female rappers exactly what Eminem did for white rappers, so where's her Grammy, people? *angrily stares at Grammys committee*

2. Diana Ross


An absolutely wonderful voice, 100 million records sold worldwide, a successful career reigning over decades and what did this lady get? Nothing more than a Lifetime Achievement Award. Yep, that's all.

3. Snoop Dogg ( Snoop Lion )


Snoop Dogg, who's been nominated for 15 Grammys so far, is the second most nominated musician with no wins whatsoever. The reason behind that? Still unknown.

4. Tupac


Tupac himself was awarded absolutely no Grammys when he was alive, but after he died in 1996, he got 4 of them. Well, what can we say? Next time you decide who's getting a Grammy, please consider giving it to artists while they're alive, NARAS.

5. Nas


Sometimes, it seems like the Grammys committee is blind - or rather, deaf - to good music altogether. Although his debut album Illmatic received great critical acclaim back in the day, Nas has yet won a Grammy award thus far.

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