Saddest breakup songs of all  time

We mope around in our pajamas all day feeling sorry for ourselves. We sometimes even eat our feelings away.
In the following days, weeks, months, or even years after you're having your heart shredded is the perfect opportunity for some serious self-reflection. Luckily for us, Musicians are people too, but instead of crying over a whole carton of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream they write amazing songs, pouring their heart out to the world.

Now join us for a countdown of the 15 saddest breakup songs of all time.

15. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Taken from the world too soon, Amy Winehouse knew exactly what a broken heart felt like.

,,We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to
I go back to us"

That’s tough love right there! In love with a guy, give him your heart and he leaves you for his EX! Oh Hell No!

14. Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown - No Air

,,But how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
'Cause my world revolves around you
It's so hard for me to breathe"

I know girl, I know. You know your heart got broke real good when your chest hurts and you can’t breathe!

13. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

,,I didn't mean it
When I said I didn't love you, so
I should have held on tight
I never shoulda let you go
I didn't know nothing
I was stupid, I was foolish
I was lying to myself"

Why in the Hell would you tell him you didn’t love him? Dummy. (Sorry Mariah, just saying’)

12. Celine Dion - All By Myself

,,When I was young
I never needed anyone
Making love was just for fun
Those days are gone"

The entire world knows this song and we can all agree that NOBODY wants to be alone.

11. The Police - Every Breath You Take

,,Every breath you take and every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you
Every single day and every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you"

I can’t help but feel like he’s stalking her, am I right? I can’t be the only one who thinks that.

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