5 Signs That Your Date Is Great in Bed

#If she's good with her food, she's good with sex too


If the woman across the table is quick to make up her mind about the dish she's going to order, chances are that she's also extremely confident between the sheets. And that's not all - pay attention to the way she's eating her food to get an idea of her style in bed. Is she the I wonder how many bites of this Big Mac could fit in my mouth type of girl or is she more of a slow, seductive eater? Does she chew loudly or is she a subtle eater?

Anyway, you got the idea - the better she handles her meal, the better she's going to handle you.

#Gifted kissers are usually rockstars in the bedroom


A woman who knows her way around your tongue and lips is bound to be skilled at more hardcore stuff too, so if she takes you to Paradise from the very first kiss, do expect some great action later on. Don't despair if she's rather shy at the beginning - you'd be surprised by how much a woman can change once you earn her trust.

#Talking about sex doesn't make her uncomfortable


If a woman gets all blushy the moment she barely hears the word "sex", she's pretty unlikely to be a pro in bed, but if she doesn't shy out of convo on this topic, well, congratulations! There's every likelihood that you've come across an experienced woman who knows the ins and outs of sex.

If you can't really bring up sex in your conversations, you can always guide yourself based on the way she approaches other sensitive topics.

#You have similar talking patterns


It's no secret that when there's chemistry between two people, they have a tendency to talk at the same pace, in a similar style and about topics they're both passionate about. This kind of verbal mirroring is a consequence of the experienced woman's habit to mirror her partner's sexual behavior.

If you start talking about education and your date suddenly jumps to international politics without giving any attention to what you've just said, you're probably not on the same wavelength - and that's not going to get any better in the bedroom.

#Ice cream is always relevant when it comes to sex


Okay, let's get this straight - just because a woman enjoys licking her ice cream, there's no reason whatsoever to believe she can't wait to give you oral sex. Everyone likes licking ice cream. Period.

So instead of fantasizing about porn scenarios, pay a little attention to her ice cream choice. A new study conducted by a top-class team of doctors from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago reveals that women with a taste for vanilla-flavored ice cream tend to get emotional really easily, while strawberry fans are hopeless romantics. If your date orders espresso ice cream, you've hit the jackpot, because women who are fond of this flavor are almost always passionate, flirtatious and most importantly, great in bed.