Suede Chukkas

Classy and hipsterish at the same time, chukkas are the favorite shoes of a man who loves the city. He knows his way around trends in fashion, but still manages to be original, a thing that applies to every aspect of his life.

Contrast Soles

No matter what the shape of the shoe is, this style screams attitude, edginess and above all, confidence. Contrast soles always stand out and that's true about the guy who wears them too, who's usually spontaneous and full of surprises.

Oxford Shoes

Usually the choice of a versatile man with a taste for classy stuff, Oxfords perfectly compliment almost every suit. The guy wearing them is a guru of elegant attires, not to mention that he's also extremely attentive to details and capable of easily bringing every situation to his advantage.


A fan of Chelsea boots has got the looks and heart of a rockstar. He knows full well what looks good on him, and he makes sure every outfit he wears is flattering, no matter what time of the day it is. He's edgy, he's cool and he's most likely carrying a six string on his back - or at least he's got the attitude of someone who'd carry one.

Running Shoes

We're all aware that running shoes don't really improve anyone's performance, but you can't deny they're extremely stylish. The men who wear them are energetic, adventurous people who enjoy living life to the fullest. They're always in for a challenge and they believe "Carpe diem" to be the two words everyone should live by.

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