Get out of your comfort zone like the real bad boy you want to be

If you want to come across as a strong, assertive individual, you must avoid getting stuck in a rut and settling for places and activities you're already familiar with. Make it your goal never to be bored - or boring - and next time you ask a woman out, suggest a slightly odd but thrilling date idea. You could also set the bar higher and aim for women who are maybe out of your league. Sounds scary? Well, the more often you'll try to do this from now on, the easier it's going to become.

Make a habit out of experiencing new sensations

And make sure the woman whose attention you're trying to catch is by your side when you do that. Be bold and remember that even though you're trying to unleash your inner rebel, a touch of chivalry will never do any harm to your image. On the contrary, it will give the woman you're hanging out with the feeling that she has the great honor to be dating a modern outlaw - sexy, right? So, by all means, go skinny-dipping in a neighbor's pool when he's away from home, but always hold the door for your girl and give a few bucks to the beggars you see on your way home every once in a while.

The bad boy's no. 1 rule: dress to impress

There are men who dress well, but then again, there are men who dress in a way that makes it impossible for women to ever forget them. Don't even dare tell us you don't know anything about fashion, because frankly, you don't even need much knowledge to come up with a sharp outfit. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that as little as one edgy accessory or piece can totally transform an outfit. Wearing a black leather cuff instead of a watch, ripped jeans with a velvet blazer or sneakers to a suit - these are the types of things you should focus on if you want to get into character.

Bad boys don't do small talk

At least not for too long, so next time you're chatting with a woman you like on Tinder, don't spend days on end talking to her about pointless stuff. Avoid asking her just what her day was like and go for more riveting subjects instead. Show her she's not just one of the dozens of chicks you're trying your luck with over the course of a few weeks and if you feel like there's chemistry between the two of you, don't hesitate to show it and ask her to meet you in a cool public place. Oh, and if you want to show off the bad-boy side of you, go for "tomorrow" instead of "this weekend". It will definitely make you seem more confident.

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