There's a fine line between funny and half-witted, and personal taste is always involved, but some things are downright insulting to any woman. Want some examples? Well, here's a list of the very worst.

1. ,,Why did the tomato turn red?"

Stop right there, because no joke is going to make up for a lack of a proper conversation subject, especially if it's stupid as this one. Even if you really are a hilarious person, remember that it's a date you're on, not a stand-up comedy show, so subtle humor is always preferable to punch lines.

2. "I love your perfume - my mom wears it too!"

No matter how good your intentions may be with this compliment, no woman is ever going to take it as one - unless you're Miranda Priestly's son. Say this to your date and the only thing you'll manage to achieve is a really awkward silence.

3. "I've seen those photos you've posted on Instagram last week - had a whale of time, didn't you?"

Wait, what? Do you work for the FBI or something? We're not saying you shouldn't glance at your date's activity on social networks before meeting her to find out more about what she likes, but she doesn't have to know that. Or maybe you just want to look like a total weirdo...

4. "Pretty much every female friend of mine's got a crush on me"

Well, good for you, Casanova, but you're on a date now, so could you please do us all a favor and quit bragging? Statements like these never work, and if, through a miracle, there's still chemistry between you and your date after this, you're only going to fuel her jealousy.

5. "So you're a sportswoman? Wow, I was so not expecting that!"

So what you're basically saying is that she's fat, right?

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