1. She may have offered to go Dutch on your first date, but she didn't expect you to say yes

Close-fistedness never makes a good impression and even if you do end up together, she's still going to think you're cheap. She'll get over it eventually, as long as you make sure she doesn't pay a dime on your next few dates.

2. You're unlikely to ever know the exact number of men she had sex with before you


She may seem open about it, she may even laugh and casually give you an acceptable number, but bear in mind that women are big fans of making approximations. As a general rule of thumb, you should add at least two more guys to the value she tells you.

3. She's familiar with all your exes' Facebook pages


This doesn't necessarily mean she's a stalker, but you can be sure that she's well aware of the highlights of your past relationships - at least the ones you made public.

4. She's bound to compare you with her exes


Of course, you can never know if you're better than them in every respect, but hey, you're the one dating her now, so we guess you're winning by default.

5. She enjoys your little bouts of jealousy


Believe it or not, women sometimes flirt with random guys - in a shallow way, it's true - only to make their boyfriends jealous enough to get their attention. So don't get mad at your girl next time you see her eyeing up the waiter - it's still you that she's got her eyes on.

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