Show me some tough love

Number 10 on this list is Lori Quaid (Total Recall, 1990). Lori (Sharon Stone) roles in the movie as caring housewife, but in fact she is a deadly agent with a task to keep an eye on the main character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. A bullet in the head was Arnie's way of divorcing Lori.

Next on the list is Madison Lee from Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle. Demi Moore (Madison) doesn't want to be an angel anymore once she realized she can become much more if she joins the crime side.

Baroness from The Rise of the Cobra showed how leather clothes look awesome on a woman! Sienna Miller (Baroness) seduces all men around her, while being brainwashed and destroying everything on her mission. You go girl.

The next villain on the list is T-X from Terminator 3: The Rise of The Machines. Emotionless Kristanna Loken (T-X) shows that it's super good when you can make your boobs bigger just by looking at a billboard. T-X definitely wins over plastic surgery.

Dr. Julia Harris from Horrible Bosses shows how being a nymphomaniac can end up badly. Jennifer Aniston in this role walks around naked and offers herself to her engaged assistant.

Hotter and more evil

So we are down to 5 sexy villains. Of course it must start with a blond one. Regina George from Mean Girls shows how it's like to be a daddy's princess collecting all the fame in school. Of course she is emotionless; she has a stone where her heart is supposed to be. Rachel McAdams nailed this blond bitch look.

Number 4 on the list is Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye. Famke Janssen used sexual activities to kill her victims. At least she afforded the happiest minutes of their lives before the death.

Sil, from Species, had one thing on her mind: to get pregnant. Natasha Henstridge (Sil) killed a few guys while on a mission, but hey, they were in the way of her dream.

Number two on the list is no one else but Megan Fox. She had a role in the movie called Jennifer's Body, where young girl Jennifer Check (Megan) becomes a sacrifice to Satan, but instead of ending up dead she gets demons inside of her and kills all guys around. Even when she was torturing the guys, she looked incredibly stunning.

Number one the list is Sharon Stone's character again! Catherine Tramell killed a lot of her lovers, describing all in her books without being caught! Catherine with your wit and your incredible looks, you deserved your win.

Honorable mentions go to; Queen Ravenna from Snow White and The Huntsman, Elle Driver from Kill Bill Volume 2, Hedra Hedy Carlson from Single White Female and Angelique Bouchard from Dark Shadows.

Guys be aware: they are sexy and they are villains. You won't notice if your girl is psycho if you keep staring at her and forgive her everything just because she looks good. Villains are everywhere these days.