Let us start off with a bang with James Rodríguez effortless pass to his teammate turning it into a quick goal. Next is an overhead kick done perfectly which was accompanied by a back pass. It’s just an awesome moment when you see a goal keeper try to catch the ball only to have them pass right through their hands which can be seen with this highlight. Penalty kicks provide great highlights especially on how they are executed. Watch the two examples starting with an overhead curved shot and another great one which starts with successive fake kicks while leading the defender to jump a bit early which resulted to an unexpected shot from the ground.

Watch Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior’s amazing shot as the goal keeper fails to intercept the ball resulting to a goal. Catching the ball while running and scoring can be a very difficult task to perform.

Aaron James Ramsey however, is able to do this flawless with his amazing shot slipping pass three defenders including the goalkeeper.

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