A Pet Dog Makes Lifestyle Changes

This is exactly what John has experienced when he got Maimai, his golden retriever. John may have thought at first that having Maimai would simply spell fun. But apparently, having a pet is not just about having something you can play and have fun with. Maimai definitely prompted John to experience things that he may have never thought would occur in his life. Nevertheless, there was no complaining. Because he loved the dog so much, all these changes are welcome as can be seen in the illustrations.


After a tiring day at work, John had developed the habit of eating his takeout dinner while watching his favourite show on TV. This is no longer possible with Maimai around. The moment John sits on the couch and opens the take out meal box, Maimai would immediately stand right in front of him, curiously waiting to know what is for dinner. Apparently, John would have to eat his dinner somewhere else, away from Maimai’s view and probably missing his favourite TV show instead. This could be a very challenging change in after-work behaviour.


Even the kind the stuffs that John searches on the internet has changed. Being a foodie, he used to browse pages after pages of websites looking for pictures of food and perhaps the manners that these are prepared. With his new dog, though, he now tends to surf the internet primarily to visit websites that tackle issues on dog care. Instead of food pictures, his phone is now filled up with images of dogs. It is very likely that his friends may have noticed this change. Since John no longer shows them pictures of food on his mobile phone but those of dogs.


Taking care of Maimai, though, has not always been easy. In fact, it can be very tedious, especially when John is away at work. John always makes sure the house is tidy and clean before leaving the house, with everything in its proper place. But when he goes home from work and with Maimai around, he could only chaos. The home is in a mess and many of the things now on the floor. Of course, John would emotionally flare up. Still, he is resigned to the fact that such can happen if he has a dog.


Maimai may indeed spell trouble in so many other cases; strands of dog hair left on the upholstered car seats, torn stuffed toys, and broken vases. John would also have to minimize his TV and video gaming time so he could take Maimai for a walk. These are definitely changes in life that seem difficult to do. However, while the illustrations depict such changes, there is nothing in it that shows John complaining. This only means that despite the sacrifices, John thinks that having Maimai around is still worth it. A dog is after all a man’s best friend. One does not seriously take anything against a best friend.