To celebrate its 125th anniversary, National Geographic dug deep into their archives and released dozens of previously unpublished photos through an initiative suggestively named Found.

Here are what we believe to be 50 of the best pics in their selection.

1. 3 genuinely happy girls picking up American lotuses in Iowa

2. Surrounded by these giant Ape-Ape leaves in Hawaii, this guy looks like a male version of Tinker Bell

3. Romance in Paris

4. Back in the day, when going to the beach was about having fun, not about posting selfies on Instagram

5. A man carrying his bike casts a shadow over a house in Africa

6. Bisons in a snowstorm

7. Bobbing for apples - the old school way

8. Nature, a shepherd, his sheep and two border collies - a truly idyllic landscape

9. A chic café in Casablanca, Morocco and some girls trying to be alone with their thoughts

10. A lil' girl on a bull. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

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