Mosque ceilings, for instance, are truly amazing, and we've gathered 20 photos of the very best.

1. If you ever find yourself in the Alighapoo Mosque in Esfahan, make sure to look up and marvel at the beauty of the ceiling for a while

2. Chahar-Bagh's School, which you can find in the very same city, is just as exquisite

And it's hard proof that the Iranian are definitely one of the most creative people in the world.

3. Chehel Sotoun - a palace with a truly incredible ceiling

It's got vibrant colors, perspective, interesting shapes, volume and most importantly, a unique kind of elegance that makes you stop for a while and think about your soul.

4. Here, you can see the ceiling of The Tomb of Hafez, which proves that beauty has indeed no death

Situated in Shiraz, Farz, the monument sheltering the beloved Iranian poet's tomb is a real place of cultural pilgrimage.

5. The Shrine of Fatema Mæ'sume, with its gorgeous blue ceiling, is just as impressive

Located in Qom, the second most sacred city in Iran, the mosque is impressive from all points of view.

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