Now you certainly have something to do with them, without sacrificing the sentimental value that comes with each of them. This is what Kay Belles, an Ireland-based maker of handicrafts, does best. It used to be that she used those tiny pieces that you can easily pick from meadows, come across while in the woods and on the mountain sides, comb through shorelines of the beaches you go frequently. Today, it is way more than that. Even your tiny pieces of mementos can be turned into lovely masterpieces that make them all the more memorable.

Kay said that she feels happy when she creates personalized mementos. These pieces can be made up of your mom’s bridal lace or veil, a loved-one’s strand of hair, a tiny earring of your granny; whatever it is you have gathered, you can ask Kay to create something non-traditional and very much personal for you; and she will not fail you.

Kay calls her masterpieces terrariums. Some of the photos produced about her works are simply amazing.

The first photo showed a tube-shaped jar with three flowers inside. The jar comes with a bronze chain to add more to its vintage appeal. There are also those tube-shaped glasses that have tiny flowers and white gemstones in them. It simply gives off that mysterious appeal, especially if the gem is one’s birthstone. They surely can be your lucky charm.

If you are after circle shaped bottles or glass containers, you can choose to have it. In fact, the next photo shows that of a round-shaped container with a purple gem inside and some tiny flowers and what appear to be dried weeds. The bronze chain is attached to it and it looks like the female version of what a grandfather’s watch is.

You may also choose to have the oblong-shaped glass container with a pointed tip. Shaped like a tiny feeding bottle, you can place a purple flower inside it. This can be made into a tiny personalized keychain or a pendant at that. Whatever you have in mind for it, it surely will be a great gift to have.

Those cylindrical tube-like containers may also have a rose bud of different colors for each of them. It can be red-orange or yellow-orange rose bud that is inside it; they are all equally adorable. You may also have a customized ring with cotton petals in it. Its ring base can made of bronze or iodized metal. This would give it a completely vintage look.

If you are after getting yourself a vintage-looking necklace, you can get yourself one that is square-shaped and with purple flowers in it. The chain can be made of silver if you wish.

It won’t compromise the pendant’s exotic appeal. But if you are after a classic ring whose charm is in its antiquity. You can choose to have dried grass roots inside a circular-shaped glass covering that’s tightly attached to the ring’s brass base.

Now these are just the tip of the iceberg; you can have more precious gems from Kay’s creative treasure chove.