The show is full of parody with sketches being performed by its cast alongside a celebrity guest that hosts the episode. The latest thing they parodied was Discovery Chanel's survival series Naked and Afraid.

Let's get naked

Naked and Afraid is an American reality show that airs on Discovery Channel since 2013. Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists; 1 male and 1 female. They just need to stay naked in the wilderness and survive 21 days. Piece of cake.

SNL has devised a celebrity edition of the show and they hosted special guests: Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones. What would really happen if these two nut heads were to spend 21 days together in the wilderness we don’t know, but SNL gave a pretty good idea of how it might look like.

Peter wasn't super excited about the part where he needs to get naked, but Leslie Jones didn't have a problem and left him speechless. We hoped for someone hotter too, Peter. Before their survival trip team of experts gave Peter 4.1 survival rate and Leslie got a 5.7 survival rate. Let’s see how that worked out.

Let the game begins

Since they need to survive, they’ve been allowed to bring something with them. Peter brought a fire starter and Leslie decided to bring hot sauce with her, simply because she puts it on everything. They used Leslie's hot sauce on leaves; the only thing they have eaten since Peter is vegetarian. Soon it all went from bad to worse for Peter, when Leslie started with sexual harassment. Leslie used his innocent body to keep her warm during the night (oh poor Peter).

Beside the sexual harassment he went through, Peter was having a tough time staying alive since Leslie tried to eat him all the time. She even referred to him by his GoT character's name, Tyrion.“She knows my name isn’t Tyrion, I've told her several times“.

Imagine what would happen to Peter if Leslie hasn’t been smoking weed? Yes you've read that correct; she brought “survival” weed with her. But Peter did manage to survive with Leslie (no man had succeeded at this before) somehow and he even added he will miss her. Love story coming soon? PS. Peter’s survival rate went up to 7.1 and Leslie’s survival rate was lowered to 3.7. Now Peter is ready for the winter that is coming to GoT world.

Just remember one thing!

After watching this sketch we all learned a great lesson. Don’t, we repeat don’t go in wilderness with a woman! You will never know what to expect.