No, it doesn’t mean you are to give your cat a Mohawk; rather it means getting your head shaved with a cat emblem on it. It could also come in different colors.

If you are one of those super cat lovers who tend to ask themselves if this is possible at all, you can check on the Instagram account of Katichka. She has done it herself without second thoughts. In one of her photos with her new cat-inspired hairstyle, she wrote that she always brings her sleepy cat with her.

This style follows what is now a new hair trend called hair tattoos wherein an image or a pattern is shaved on the undercut found underneath the hair at the back part of the head. There’s a tinge of mystery in it since the tattoo can only be seen when the hair is brushed aside. The haircut done on Katichka is a masterpiece of the scissor skills of Aliya Askarova, a hairdresser and makeup artist based in St. Petersburg.

The first photo of Katichka shows her neon pink and blue colored hair with the blue cat tattoo on the pink undercut at the back part of her head. The cat looks sleepy indeed but the colors are vibrant and it lends youthfulness to whoever should wear it. Then next photo shows Katichka’s front view with her new hair. One side of her chin-length hair is neon blue while the other side is neon pink. She looks adorable as she wears fancy glasses of the same colors her hair has.

The next photo is one of a kind as it shows the hair on the majority of the head as multicolored. The undercut is neon pink while the cat tattoo is in mint green. It looks awesome since the major part of the hair at the back part of the head looks like a theatre screen while the cat tattoo is the lead actor of the play.

The next photo is that of Katichka with her pink hair holding her pet cat that has its nails done and polished with purple. The cat is still looking sleepy. Perhaps it is perpetually sleepy. The next photo is still the front view of Katichka. Her pink hair has been given a perm on the ends, and she looks gorgeous with the curly ends. She has that sleepy and grumpy look in her while her pet cat is still sleepily perched on her right shoulder.

Next photo is that of Katichka with her pink hair straightened and a bit longer now, just below the shoulders in length. She is holding her pet cat and slightly giving it a kiss on the head. The cat, not looking sleepy now, has its paws outstretched.

All in all, the photos reveal more than just the haircut that Katichka is wearing. They also tell the netizens the many special reasons behind getting the cat hair tattoo.