There are those who are good at it, and they just breeze through it. The truth is that there are different ways in which people react to a sad person who seeks for someone to lean on. Some people act like there is nothing wrong while others would just freeze as if they have seen a ghost. Some strange people empathize too much that they end up being sad too.

It’s not a problem anymore. For those who are clueless on what to do in situations like this and for those who simply don’t know how to be a comforting shoulder, the illustrations created by John Saddington would tell you the 10 fun steps of comforting a sad person. All you need to do is to follow the simple 10 steps and you’ll certainly end up with a happy person wrapped up like a happy sushi. There’s just one tip: You have to pick a happy movie or else you have to start from square 1.

The first step is to lay a blanket out whether on the floor or on the bed. John shows a guy laying a blanket out.

The second illustration shows the guy carrying the sad little girl in his arms.

Yes, that’s right. You have to pick up the sad person. The next illustration says it all. The guy puts down the sad girl in the middle of the blanket.

And yes, you should roll the sad person like what you do with sushi.

This is what the guy is doing with the sad little girl. After the sad person is wrapped up nicely, you should put the rolled sad person on a bed, sofa, couch or anything comfy.

The next step is to hug the roll close enough to make it warm.

After that, you can make the roll sit upright on the comfy spot and sit beside it. Then you may play the roll’s favorite movie. Just make sure that you know them or else things could get worse.

The next step is to feed the roll some snacks. Make sure that you know its favorites too.

Crying because of sadness could make the roll dehydrated. You have to give the roll beverages to keep it well hydrated.

Again, it would be better to choose the right beverage for the roll. The last step is to enjoy the happy sushi roll you have now.

If you’re going to think about it, it’s really doable especially if you have a strong bond with the sad person. This could be done on a daughter by her father or a son by his mother. It could be done on a neighbor whom you share a special bond with. The illustrations are laced with humor but it is humor that makes sense. It may be awkward to follow the steps when dealing with a stranger or a new acquaintance, but it could be done, yes.