Actually, we're not only excited that Kit and Rose have let pretty much everyone in the world know they're together, but we also can't help but be glad that the continuous speculation about their relationship status is finally over.

Like, remember that time when they were dating on Monday, taking a break on Tuesday, getting back together on Wednesday and then getting engaged on Thursday, only to pretend that nothing of all this ever happened by Friday?

Here's what he told the guys at Evening Star about two years ago:

“All rumor and myth. Me and Rose are very, very close and very good friends. And continue to be, actually. She’s wonderful. But no, no love affair.”

And we really can't blame the guy, you know. He's Irish, and maybe "rumor and myth" is just weird slang for "a massive crush that I don't want to admit anything about" or something in the line of that.

But hey, there's no need to worry about all this stuff anymore, because Jon Snow finally knows something for sure - pun totally indented - he knows that he's madly in love with Ygritte.

Awww, these two awesome people are taking love between co-workers - or co-stars, for that matter - to a whole new level!

Anyway, the evening he made his relationship with Rose public was a real blessing for the April 2 edition of The Jonathan Ross Show. Here's an excerpt from that magnificent dialogue:

“We’ve been talking about Frankie traveling, of course you’ve traveled a lot filming. You filmed in Iceland quite a lot, is that right?”

“Yeah, yeah we spent a lot of time in Iceland”.

“Now do you embrace the culture when you go there, do you enjoy the local delicacies? Do you visit the nightclubs? Do you immerse yourself in that sort of culture when you’re away?”

“I fell in love in Iceland”.

"You fell in love in Iceland? -- Who did you fall in love with?"

"I fell in love with my co-star."

"This is Rose -- Who plays Ygritte. Who I've met and is just the loveliest girl, and she could do so much better."

*the laughter of a man who is so damn proud to have a girlfriend like Rose*

The snaps of them kissing at Hackney Showroom's first London b-day? Wow. Just wow.

Even the casual shopping they were doing a couple months back in Los Angeles looks ten times better now that we know they're officially dating. If it wasn't for this essential piece of info, we would've assumed they were casually holding hands, just like all "friends" do. (Yeah, sure.)

And by the way, the Olivier Awards were ten times better thanks to the hottest new couple in showbiz.

Kit and Rose looked absolutely dazzling together, don't you think?