Helmets are very important and should always be worn when riding a bike. This woman came riding a bike with a helmet on but forget one important detail before riding. She forgot or deliberate did not put any clothes on as they speed through the streets.

Confused motorist are left clueless as they could only stare as the motorbike roared past them with a woman on the back wearing nothing but trainers and a helmet. The driver even pulled a wheelie stunt at one point in which his passenger holds on for her dear life. This said incident happened in the town of Oryol in Russia.


The woman’s identity or her reasons for riding a bike completely naked however, are still completely unknown. Some people around the Russian social media came to a conclusion that the girl in question was just doing it for a dare, while others think she may have lost a bet. Whatever the case, if the pair of riders had been noticed by the police, they could have been facing charges now for public indecency and even hooliganism.This is quite a dangerous stunt to pull off especially since it can cause commotion and disturbance not only to the people in the streets but also with fellow drivers and passengers as well. Hopefully the police will become more vigilant on the streets to avoid any similar incident from happening again.