Most of them without even finishing proper education; does that mean school isn’t formula for success? Many would agree that getting a degree plus some further education can help you get there faster, yet there are many millionaires who got rich even after dropping out from school. To find out teen formula for success, check out more below.

Grandma knows best

Fraser Doherty based his fortune on grandmother’s recipe for jam. He first started selling jam to neighbors and later his “Superjam” found its place in 184 stores shells. In 2009 Fraser hit $1, 2 million in a sale which is not bad for the jam - maker guy.

Cameron Johnson's first business emerged from handmade invitations for his parents’ holiday party. He managed to save up to thousands of dollars by selling greeting cards and later on he used that money for creating an advertising company

When she was ten, Julliete Brindak drew characters for a set of five friends she called “Cool Girls“. With the help of her family, she started a social networking site for teens called “Miss O and Friends”, inspired by “Cool Girls” and now it's worth an estimated $15 million.

David and Catherine Cook became teen millionaires by creating it’s like MySpace but for high school. The capital for starting came from their older brother. Now net worth is somewhere around $100 million. Keep the business in the family boys and girls.

New times require new skills

When Yahoo bought his app for over $30 million, Nick D’Aloisio reached instant fame and wealth. It sure pays off being doorky. Next guy got rich on similar way D’Aloisio did. Adam Horwitz created Mobile Monopoly app, and he used the profits from selling it to find a new project called YepText, that brought him millions.

Michael Furdyk can be a role model to teens out there. At age 17 he sold his web business, which got him millions, but after appearing at Oprah Show his popularity rose. With a group of friends he started an online technology magazine called TakingItGlobal. After selling it in 1999 he realized many young people don’t have support from family and friends, and he co-founded a charity organization to help the young people.

Next entrepreneur on the list is a perfect of example how you can get rich because of video games. Andrew Gower was a Cambridge student when he came up with “RuinScape”, game you probably you have heard of. He continued to make video games and in 2010 The Sunday Times listed him and his brother Paul to be worth estimated $99 million.

Never give up

These self-made teen millionaires are a perfect example how your idea can lead you to the fortune. You should never be afraid to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Who knows where it can lead you. If you want to see more self-made teen millionaires, be sure to check out the video.