Well, you would be surprised how some common things are banned in the United States. From common candy, to milk and toys. We advise you to pay attention to these things so you wouldn't get caught off guard.

No Kinder Surprise for Americans


Kinder Surprise is banned in 1938 due to a choking hazard from toys that come inside this delicious egg. Kinder Surprise is a huge hit in Europe and Canada, but the United States are firm in their no-go policy. Another toy is featured on the banned list. Buckyballs magnets were off the charts in 2009, thanks to the innovative idea of creating all kinds of shapes with simple magnet balls. Kids were to blame for banning, since they started swallowing the magnets which caused some kids having to go to surgery and led to ban in 2012.


Adults are on the hit by the ban as well. Real Absinth is banned in the United States. If you thought you were drinking absinth in a bar, believe us, that is just a green liquid, not absinth. Yes, you were tricked. The reason for the ban is that booze in the United States can have up to 40% of alcohol content and absinth has twice as much. Also one of the main ingredients of absinth is illegal in the United States.

You can only drink pasteurized milk in the United States


One of the weirdest bans in the United States considers unpasteurized milk. If you want to drink raw, fresh cow milk, you have to get your own cow. In other terms, there are numerous laws that forbid sales of unpasteurized milk. Also, cheese called Casu Marzu, made from unpasteurized milk is also banned in the United States. Not only this cheese is made from unpasteurized milk, but has real live maggots inside. Although it is considered a delicacy in Italy, the United States won't have it on their table.

If you thought things could not be weirder and more bizarre, note that it is illegal to own pre-Columbian antiques in the United States. No matter if its ritual objects, sculptures, pottery, all of these things you just can't have in the good old America. If you are an avid antique collector, you better move somewhere else, or you will lose your collection.

Hypocrisy or necessity?


United States can sometimes be hypocritical when banning things from their country, but you have to note that they are doing it with the best intention. Some of these bans are really necessary, but some are really crazy and unbelievable. If you want to know more banned things in the United States, be sure to check out our video.