Especially since she's not even roaming around the front yard, but simply resting on the window sill and contemplating life, just like any other feline would do.

Anyway, you definitely have to watch this video, because even if you've just read the brief description that we've started this piece with, you're still in for a massive surprise regarding not only the cat's actual reaction, but also the thing that he does in order to stop the mailman from inserting a couple promotional papers and a letter. Without further ado, we advise you to simply enjoy this wonderful "piece of cinematography", which was filmed by a person that must really love feeling adrenalin rush through their veins.

So what do you think? This is quite a badass cat, right? That's exactly why we'd like to congratulate the mailman, who is obviously a good-humored man who knows what it's like to have a pet that's really fond of protecting its owner's house.

There's no cat without claws

Our favorite part, however, is the one in which the cat simply gets a grip of the mailman's glove with her claws, after which she attempts to never let go off the poor man's hand.

With great power comes great responsibility

Like, how is this even possible? How can a cat have that much force? We mean, let's say we accept that it's an extremely powerful tomcat that we've got here, but what do you have to say about his determination? He looks like he's dead set on making the poor man's job as hard as possible. However, we find that the cat doesn't really succeed in doing that, because instead of pissing the mailman off, all he manages to do is make him laugh out loud.

Don't piss me off, human

Another thing that we really like about the video is the way in which the cat seems so annoyed with the stuff that the mailman keeps trying to push through the slot. At the beginning, you can see that he's pushing it back so fiercely, but by the end of the video, he kind of changes his mind and decided to pull the letter inside himself. Yep, it's a cat we're talking about, after all, so you can be sure that he did whatever the heck he liked.

"He's getting tougher" the mailman says, and he couldn't be more right.

Also, maybe the cat is something more than a hilarious main character of a viral video that's making the Internet crazy at the moment. Maybe he is, in fact, a furry vigilante that protects his naive owner's house from mail junk and bills. Who knows?

Bottom line is, regardless of who or what he fights for, this cat is a real badass - you just have to admit it.

What do you think about him? Has your pet ever done something similar? If so, be sure to let us know about it in the Comments section below.