Anyway, this amazing video featuring two brothers having a great laugh at their younger sister is viral for a reason, so you can be sure that it's going to make you laugh right away.

So here's how it all started: Millicent had just gotten her wisdom teeth taken out and obviously, the effect of the anesthesia didn't quite wear off until later on, which is exactly why her brothers thought that it would be really funny to prank her while she was still under the effect of the medication.

Basically, what they did is play a news report on the radio - a fake one, of course - about a viral outbreak that was causing people to turn into zombie cannibals all over their city. The guys managed to get even their mother involved in the joke. She called them and told them about the zombie thing being all over the news and urged them to come home as soon as possible, before the virus caught up with them.

Not unexpectedly, Millicent, who was still sedated, started to freak out the moment she saw that her brothers started to pack up the car with gardening tools and other personal belongings. They also kept on asking her to make decisions about so-called "extremely important" things.

One of her brothers told her that their mother said they could only keep one pet. And since the family has got two, she had to choose between their cat and their dog. The boys thought - or at least pretended to think - that they should definitely go for the dog, but Millicent seemed to think otherwise. She was all for taking the family cat with them, because at least she was not dying already like the dog. She had a shot at surviving.

The little sis also got pretty mad when her brothers refused to get the guns and offered her gardening tools instead. Although they were obviously having a really hard time keeping a straight face, Millicent was just too high to notice.

Even when her brothers did tell her that it was all a prank and there was no zombie apocalypse happening at the moment, she still needed a few extra seconds in order to really grasp what was going on.

At least he didn't get angry at her two brothers. Or who knows? Maybe she'll throw a tantrum after she wakes up and realize what had really been going on.

Another pretty interesting thing about the whole prank is the fact that the video was made and uploaded to YouTube by one of Marco Rubio's ex-grassroots directors for his presidential campaign. The name's Cabot Phillips. Pretty awesome, right? Now we know for sure that this is not his only talent. This guy is a first-class prankster too.