But have you ever seen a video of a little kid defending his family member from police officers? Usually, older family members are protecting their little one (kids or grandkids) but this little brave man stood up against police officers because of his grandmother. We don’t know who little kid is but he certainly deserves the gold medal for courage.

Little protector


The video where a toddler is defending his grandmother with a steel pipe from Chengguan (The Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau) went viral on the internet. The Chengguan is responsible for managing more quotidian aspects of urban life, such as regulating street vendors and unlicensed construction sites. Chengguan is famous for their brutality; they show no mercy to anyone.

A little kid was holding a steel pipe that is measure twice his height, trying to push Chengguan away from his grandmother. He also was shouting “Don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma”. In the end, he threw a pipe, hoping that they will go away, but they didn’t. One Chengguan officer approached to the kid who tried to kick him with his small hands. The act of this little kid is adorable, but can you only imagine how he was afraid of Chengguan, based on his reaction. What Chengguan had done to the kid and his grandma?

Heroic act


The video touches the sensitive subject in China. The Chengguan mentioned in the video description are disliked, that if one was found floating in a river that would be a minor cause for celebration. They abuse their power, behave like thugs and have a really bad reputation; some have even been brutally lynched by crowds.

We don’t know the story behind this video, but toddler did what many adults would be afraid to do. Maybe grandma deserved to be arrested or she was unfairly arrested. A little kid like this one from video can’t know that, he’s still too young to understand all, but he tries to protect his family no matter what. That’s still courageous.

Lesson to all of us

Toddler in this video was afraid of bad cops; but that didn't stop him from doing the right thing. This kid could be a role model for many adults out there; he stood up and acted as a big man, even though he didn't realize what is happening.