Smuggled drugs, guns, cash, stolen goods are seized every day. But some things that people try to sneak through security makes you scratch your head in wonder. Everything can be smuggled nowadays; from a packet of snacks to actual human beings. When you combine contraband, poverty, desperation and lots of spare time, you will get a bizarre world of smugglers.

Drugs, of cours

It seems like drugs are the favorite item for smuggling. Drugs like weed, cocaine are waiting to cross tight borders into lands where they are not welcomed. Cocaine is the most popular drug for smuggling. It’s smuggled mostly by males and the average age of cocaine smuggler is 27. Besides cocaine, smugglers like to smuggle balls of hash. Spanish police caught African man who had 66 balls of hash inside of him. Because of it, he showed few ill effects ranging from gastrointestinal storage choice to a slight pain near his hip region. After balls were taken out he was discharged from the hospital to law enforcement officials.

Ecstasy or MDMA is just one more drug that is being smuggled. Smugglers usually smuggle MDMA in small capsules filled with drug and hidden in anal cavity of smugglers. Who would use this drug after? And hey, don’t forget heroin. In Thailand, two visitors have stuffed heroin containers (stored in condoms) and it caused an overdose within their bodies, since they were exposed to about 30-50 grams of heroin. Drug users; check out from where you are getting your supplies.

Everything that fits in – comes in

Neil Lansing is a nature miracle. He managed to put 30 items, packed in a condom, in his rectum. Some of those items were: six matches, a lip balm, a cigarette, a coupon and many others. Why he just didn’t put these items in his pocket like other normal human beings? But Michael Leon Ward managed to beat Neil in weirdness by smuggling a gun. He had hidden 38 Barrel Revolver in his rectum.

You won’t believe it, but some people use their intimacy parts to hide cash! Police officers were more than shocked after searching Karin Mackaliunas.

After they found three bags of heroin in her jacket they also found a treasure trove of $51.22 stored in her vagina cavity. But her “vagina money” is nothing when compared to Thajdeen “rectum money”. Thajdeen, an Indian traveler, managed to hide 197 pendants of 20 karat gold (values roughly $6,000) in his rectum. Also to add more weirdness in, some people tried to smuggle electronics devices and one even smuggled a saw! The question is: how did those items managed to fit into a person?

Usually it isn't worth it

We all can have “smuggler syndrome” inside of us, but the question is; is it worth it? In a second, something can go wrong and you’ll end up dead with a weird thing inside of you. Smuggling isn’t worth your life.