The thing is you might find this second bunch funnier than the first.

One thing that makes these photos a must-see for fans is that no one is exempted from Celeste’s funny antics when it comes to showing that bit of biting reality in her photos. She can be the flexible Victoria Beckham, the curious Nicki Minaj, or the sexy Beyonce; but in her every pose, she makes the photo easy to relate to by regular non-showbiz people. Perhaps it is this reality that she infuses into them that makes people like her photos. Her Instagram posts gained around 500,000 likes. We wouldn’t know how many of these likes are from celebrities. Can you guess? Oh well, let’s just get into those photos now.

The first photo is that of Lady Gaga who is doing a sexy somersault yoga pose on a paddle board. Celeste on the other hand tries to do the same thing but in the photo her butt is way up on the air instead and her flailing legs look awkward. This is the ultimate sexy to the ultimate funny photos that you can find in this collection.

The second photo is that of a sexy model as she lies on her side in a cushioned chair while her head is leaning towards the armrest. This pose completely gives the viewer a perfect angle to appreciate the perfect curves of the model. Celeste on the other hand copies the pose only that she puts her head and neck completely under the armrest. The rest of Celeste’s body wouldn’t even fit in the chair. Add that this-is-stupid look in her face to the photo, and you have a completely funny photo.

Another set of photos is that of Kim Kardashian as she wakes up feeling sexier than ever. She is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and white underwear. Celeste on the other hand wakes up in her PJs and she is yawning so hard while holding her mobile phone like she’s about to take a selfie in that awful morning look.

Another photo is that of a high profile model who’s seen beside a luxury vintage car while dressed in her most elegant aqua blue dress. From looking like a goddess, you would find it hilarious to see Celeste holding to one post of a tiny plastic car, dressed in her blue low-neckline dress. Celeste still have the most curves but she ain’t got a vintage car for herself. Too bad.

The next batch of photos is that of a model as she hangs out her head outside the window of a moving car. With her brushed up blonde hair, smoky eyes, and slightly opened mouth, the model looks hot. Celeste on the other photo hangs her head out while her head is in a ponytail, her eyes closed that form into tiny slits, and her mouth with its teeth is opened halfway. It looks like she’s about to turn into a zombie.