The truth is that it has become a tradition that started in 1993. All the proceeds for this calendar go to the Burns units of both Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital. These calendars are not only salable because of the good cause behind it. It is quite popular because of the sexy half-naked firefighters who pose for the calendar. Sales from this activity have reached $1 million. This year more sales are expected to happen since aside from the sizzling hot firefighters, cute and adorable puppies would pose with them. Such rescue puppies come from the Safe Haven Animal Rescue. All of them are up for adoption and the proceeds will go to both the rescue center and the RSPCA. So for whatever occasion, you need not go farther to look for a great gift. Any of your loved-ones would certainly love any of the puppies.

So let’s go and check the photos that show brawns and love for animals. The first calendar photo is that of three hot guys with a cute brown puppy each. The three guys are all naked on top and each one cuddles a brown puppy. All the puppies look like they don’t have a clue of what’s going on. The three guys on the other hand flash their sexiest yet friendliest smiles while they pose with the dogs.

The second photo is that of a half-naked firefighter as he kneels down on the grassy field with a young black with a white spot dog sitting underneath him. The dog’s serious look is the exact opposite of the firefighter’s alluring smile complete with his pearly whites.

The next photo is taken with the same three firefighters mentioned in the first photo. This photo is while they have their back towards the camera. The puppies, six of them, are laid down facing the camera while on the men’s shoulders. One pup for each sexy shoulder. All of the pups look like they’re about to doze off except for the two pups of the third man who seem to have their own worlds.

If you think there’s nothing more to the word sexy, think again. The next photo is that of a sexy half-naked Ryan-Gosling look-alike who’s holding two black pups that look like they’re still a few days old. If that sexy smile and seductive dimples won’t make you buy the calendar, the pups would certainly do that.

Now for the next photo; the same three sexy firemen are here again. They’re still half-naked with the same three brown dogs. The only difference is that in this shot they are more relaxed and one of the three men appears to be playing with his pup as he lets its paw wave towards the camera.

Another photo is that of a different fireman and still half-naked. He looks like Johnny Bravo in real life with his huge arms and biceps. He is carrying one of the brown puppies with one hand and the puppy simply gives the camera its nonchalant look.