That is not the concept that the people behind Fallen Furniture, a furniture design company that is based in UK, think. Perhaps what they have is the Japanese concept that an object can be how you use it. A chair can be a table and vice versa, depending on what need a person has of it. That’s the principle behind the 737 Cowling Chair.

No, it’s not a joke. This chair that is made from polished aluminum for its swiveling base with a black-leather upholstered interior. All these materials come from a 737 Boeing Jet Engine. If you are going to check on the website, you won’t find a price for it. It might be a bit pricey but if you are a self-confessed maverick in your own home, you might want to check it out.

There’s a joke spreading around that sitting on this 737 cowling chair makes you look like a super villain from an animated film. If you are really up to getting this for your home, you have to consider the logistics of carrying this chair towards your location. You would have to think about remodeling your living room a bit since the manufacturers of the 737 chair have not considered the size of the regular living room door when they produced it. You may opt to have the wall toppled down or perhaps create a new home around this great-looking chair. That makes this chair a great treasure for those newlyweds who are making a home for the first time.

Fallen Furniture has this feat for quite a while now. The company makes use of authentic aircraft parts from military or civilian aviation. The company invests in the advance engineering that’s involved with the construction of these airplanes and turns it into magnificent piece of furniture. The chair’s manufacturers got their inspiration from the Art Deco of early 1990’s to the Parisian craftsmen in the 1940’s until the 21st century, who are responsible for the industrial furniture and lighting. The 737 Cowling Chair has gained the title “epitome of luxurious seating,” for a reason. Such an impressive design and engineering would make the centerpiece of any room.

Let’s now check on the photos of this highly luxurious chair. The first photo shows that of the chair’s front view with one of its designers seated on it. Anyone would look good in that chair and a non-aviator would look like one too. The chair’s polished aluminum base hasn’t looked better than in this photo.

The next photo is taken on the sides. The chair in its luxurious base looks like a platinum wedding band when captured in a photo, with a side angle. This photo would make any husband-to-be consider the 737 chair as a perfect wedding gift for his dear soon-to-be wife.

This is especially true when both have their hearts set into aviation as a hobby if not a way of life.