But Hollywood apparently doesn’t present a problem for Aussies. Australian actors have a great physical appearance and they proved their skills as amazing performers. Many of them joined Hollywood and gained massive popularity. In this video we bring you actors who have Australian roots or are somehow connected to Australia.

P.S. You’ll be amused when you find out who all is an Aussie.

Strong Masculine Guys Who Can Act


Some of the Hollywood's top actors are Aussies and we’re sure you had no clue that they belong to land down under. Eric Bana started his career as a sketch comedian in Australia, but gained popularity by playing roles as Hulk (the "not so good" one), as Roman in “Star Trek” movie, and he also lent his voice to a shark in “Finding Nemo”.


Similar as Eric, Hugo Weaving began his career in Australia by playing a role of a Brit in the series “Bodyline”. Hugo got international attention by playing a role of a masked man in “V for Vendetta”, bagging also huge roles as Agent Smith in “Matrix” and as Elrdon in “Lord of the Rings”.


Mel Gibson is one of the Australia’s most famous acting exports. This Oscar winner had roles in “Mad Max”, “Braveheart”, and “Lethal Weapon”.

Born in New Zealand, but splitting his childhood between Australia and NZ, Russell Crowe made his debut in “The Quick and the Dead”; alongside some of A-list Hollywood actors. A role in “Gladiator” got him fame and an Academy Award for Best Actor.


Heath Ledger is a name we all have heard of, but did you know he is from Australia? His role as the Joker in “The Dark Knight” was dubbed as the best performance of his career and the best Joker impersonation. He was known for his stylish performance in “A Knight’s Tale” and for his intense work in controversial “Brokeback Mountain”.

Wolverine Is An Australian As Well!


Errol Flynn holds a reputation as one of the first famous Aussies in Hollywood. His presence in movies through the ‘30s and ‘40s made him a superstar in his time; in the right role, Flynn was unbeatable. Hugh Jackman is Errol Flynn of the modern age. Born, raised and educated in Australia, Hugh began acting as a hobby. One of his biggest roles is Wolverine in “X-men” and role in “Les Miserables” that got him an Oscar nomination.


Cate Blanchett is the first Australian ever to take home two Oscars for acting. Cate’s breakout role was in 1998's “Elizabeth” and she also had many other big roles such as Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator” and Bob Dylan in “I’m not There”.


Geoffrey Rush is one of biggest worldwide actors and he’s an Aussie as well. There’s no reward he didn’t receive. But many contemporary moviegoers know Rush more for his memorable performances as Captain Barbossa in thePirates of the Caribbean” movies.


Though she hasn’t been as active in recent years, Kidman’s acting resume got her a number 1 on this list. Nicole had leading roles in movies like „Moulin Rouge“, „Eyes Wide Shut“, „The Hours“ and many others. With numerous major awards and nominations under her belt, Nicole Kidman’s sterling reputation is truly well deserved.

Hollywood Wouldn't Be the Same As you can see, Australia has given us some of the most recognizable faces and performances in Hollywood. We named only a few, but there are a lot of more Australian actors who are "killing" their roles and give us some great movie moments.