Imagine that in that parallel universe the animals were the dominant species and the humans take their place. This means that the animals treat humans the way we treat animals today. It is a scary concept, but that is exactly the theme of the following illustrations. This would change the way we see human treatment of animals now. This list includes many scenes which most people can relate to. The major difference is that the roles of humans and animals have been reversed. There are several illustrations that can be morbid and gruesome and readers have been warned, but it’s meant for people to see for real how we treat animals. It is BoredPanda’s hope that the viewers and readers would look at the list in a different perspective.

The first illustration shows that of a rhinoceros that’s holding a blood-drenched chainsaw while in front of him was a guy with brownish skin. The guy’s nose appears to be sawed off; there’s a pool of blood under him and more blood oozes out from his chopped off nose. This tells us more about men’s habit of collecting the rhino’s tusks for its ivory.

The second illustration shows that of a bull holding a dagger while the matador is all fours with daggers in his back and he is vomiting blood. This makes the reader realize how brutal the Spanish bullfighting can be on the bulls.

The third illustration shows that of a dog that’s sitting on the couch, sipping coffee in front of the TV, while a naked guy is chained up with a leash outside in the rain. This tells us how we can be so inconsiderate and insensitive to the needs of our pets at times. Humans can be cruel masters.

The fourth illustration is a bit funny as it is satirical but not as bloody as the others. This shows a fox that has a naked lady around its shoulders. This tells us how it must be for foxes to feel when their furs are taken off and made into fur coats. Here it’s even safe to assume that the lady is not dead but in real life foxes and other furred animals are killed for their furs.

The next illustration depicts that of babies who are tied up and fed through tubes by geese. This tells us what it would feel like to be an unfertilized egg.

The next illustration is that of two lobsters that are about to bring a baby to a boil.

Then another illustration is that of a bird who’s lounging in a chair while reading and beside it is a caged guy shouting for help. If you ever have a bird in a cage at home, you wouldn’t like this. Another illustration shows that of a bear that’s seated on the couch with a glass of champagne in one hand and a tobacco pipe in another. A guy with splayed legs and arms lies on the floor looking like a rug. You certainly got the picture here.