It's a labor of love that we're talking about right here, so without a doubt, we all love taking care of our children. We enjoy watching them learn and grow and develop into wonderful people, only to exclaim, later on, that time had passed much too fast and that we wish we could turn the clock back to the time when they were only toddlers...

But hey, let's not get too nostalgic yet, because a lot of us are still dealing with young children at the moment, and making sure that they have everything they need can be pretty exhausting, especially when you've got more than one child to tend to at once.

If you've had enough of being tired literally all the time as a result of running around the house from dusk to dawn, then this article is just what you needed, 'cause we've gathered no less than 30 hacks that are bound to make your life as a parent easier than you'd think it were possible.

Curious? Then keep reading - you're going to be surprised you haven't thought of this stuff earlier yourself.

1. This trick will enable your baby to feed itself whenever you're too busy

2. An old camera bag can become an excellent diaper bag with no effort whatsoever involved

3. Some ice will turn a bunch of Capri Sun punches into excellent slushies

4. Make chores look like games - this way, your kids will want to get involved

5. There's no need to throw away your child's old crib

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