National Geographic Traveler of the Year Contest - the Best Entries of 2016

it's that time of the year when National Geographic is calling all travel photographers to send them the most impressive travel pics in their portfolio.

Not unexpectedly, a great many talented people from all over the world were quick to submit their works, not only for the prestige that comes with becoming National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year, but also because the grand prize consists of a marvelous one-week long polar bear safari for two at Churchill Wild-Seal River Heritage Lodge in Manitoba, Canada. Pretty amazing, right?

Why don't you take a look at some of our favorite entries?

1. In case you had any doubts that China is a gorgeous country

Terraces Village in Mist, by Thierry Bornier

2. Humans are by no means the only ones who value family

Family Ties, by Takeshi Marumoto

3. Tuscany is at its best at dawn

Golden Sunrise, by Giovanni Modesti

4. In Japan, even the trees could star in Swan Lake

Ballet Dancer, by Hiroshi Tanita

5. And let's not forget about the marvelous Sakura

Fascination, by Katsuyoshi Nakahara

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