Monday isn't the kind of day that you look forward to, mainly because that's when responsibilities start piling up around you once again after the weekend. However, there's one thing that makes us eager about Monday, and that is Season 5 of The Voice.

So after a day of complaining about the fact that it's Monday, we finally sat down and tuned in to Nine. The judges - Ronan Keating, Jessie J, Delta Goodrem and the Madden Brothers - were sparkling awesome, and so were all the talented people in their teams.

Last week we got to see the Top 16 contestants perform live, and we have to admit that we were on the edge of our seats throughout the entire show. Only four of them were saved right away, so we know for certain that we'll be seeing Alfie Arcuri, Mikaela Dean, Mitch Gardner and Aaliyah Warren again. The public are now expected to vote for their faves in order for them to reach Top 12, which will perform in the Grand Finale.

Not sure who you're gonna vote for yet? Well, how about going through our quick recap?

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