Yes, we agree spiders are not most lovable creatures on the Earth because of many reasons. First, they look a bit scary with that small, hairy, poisonous body. And knowing the fact what can happen to you because of spider venom makes you hate the spiders even more. But today’s article will change your view on spiders and after reading this you’ll want to adopt one of these peacock spiders. Too bad you have to live in Australia to get one.

Thanks to biologist Jürgen Otto and his colleague David Knowles we will forget on scary spiders (such as tarantula) and we’ll focus on these newly discovered peacock spiders. Peacock spiders are only a few millimeters long, and there is a difference between female and male peacock spiders. Female peacock spiders are usually brown or camouflaged so you can’t see them easily. But the males have this highly, colorful tail flaps and it’s easy to recognize them. That’s in fact how they got name peacock spiders.

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