Today, we prepared for you the last photos of deceased celebrities. All of these celebrities had gone suddenly and leftus all wondering how much more magnificent moments we could have from them. On some of these photos celebrities are still full of life and unaware that that could be the last day of their life. Just check the picture of Robin Williams with a monkey on his shoulder just days before he committed suicide.

Watching this picture you could never predict that he would decide for a step like that. The similar picture is a photo of Paul Walker taken in Porsche that would ultimately take his life in a tragic car crash.

Ryan Dunn was also the one who died in a car crash. Just a few hours before the crash, he tweeted a picture of having drinks with friends.

In this video gallery we also brought you the last photos of James Gandolfini, Joan Rivers, Whitney, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs. They are all in some better place, and all we can do now is to remember them and cherish the memories.