10. Remember that time when our favorite girl photographed herself with a million gold stars to celebrate getting a million Instagram followers?


And that's all the more awesome now, when she's got 3.9 million of them.

11. Isn't this sign ironic for our beloved Mother of Dragons?

'I do believe I qualify for Mother's Day.
However being without my babies takes me to the place where I feel closest to them. 'Highly flammable ' places.'

Oh, you couldn't be more right, dearie!

12. And if you weren't already certain that this lady we're talking about here has the best Instagram captions and tags in the world ...


Well, here's a masterpiece of hers:

'Because Christmas is about finding your good side..'


We would honestly feel sorry for you Alfie, if we didn't know you laughed out loud when you saw that tag too.

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