It's Confirmed: Supermodel Christie Brinkley, 61, Has Found the Elixir of Youth

On Thursday, Christie Brinkley made a special appearance on HSN, where she promoted her Christine Brinkley - Authentic Skincare products. Now, don't get us wrong, she did look stunning while she was on air, but you can't deny that the selfie she uploaded to Instagram from the make-up chair was probably the most iconic thing of the evening.

Although she's already 61, Christie is decades away from the granny-look, which we doubt she'll ever adopt. In fact, she still seems to be rocking the glamorous vibe she had back in the '80s, not to mention that her face is 100% wrinkle-free. What's your secret, gurl?

Who knows, maybe Christie's line of skincare products is actually effective. After all, she's looking like a million dollars!
And if you were wondering, no, we're not jealous of her... Not even a little bit.