Carpool Karaoke became pretty famous in no time and Corden picked up a new celebrity for his little show. In his new hilarious segment, Jennifer Lopez takes the passenger seat. This video is an absolute delight, check it for yourself.

They got the moves

If Jennifer Lopez is known as J.Lo, why James Corden wouldn't be J.Co? Jennifer liked the idea of Corden's new nickname and even added they should make a rap group together, but J. Co wasn’t thrilled about the idea.

As this is Karaoke show, they both had to sing. The pair went through some of the most famous J. Lo hits such as Love don’t cost a thing”, “Jenny From the Block” and “On the floor”. They have also included some other popular songs to spice up the drive. You may like Jen's English songs better, but she added how songs in Spanish language sound more passionate. We agree with you on this Jenny.

We were amused by Jennifer dancing skills and moves. Even though she got older, she still manages to light a fire in men. Between his goofing around, Corden managed to ask Jennifer did she insure her butt. But it seems like the rumors about her butt insurance were not true. We lived in uncertainty all these years and finally the truth has been spoken.It's not only fun and games

Carpool Karaoke isn’t just about the karaoke. Cordon makes his guests feel secure and comfortable, and then he gets them to talk and do things they wouldn’t otherwise. One of the topics with Jennifer was guys and proposals. As long as the guy is legal, Jenny will date him. She revealed that she had been proposed 5 times, but married 3 times. Think about those two poor guys who got rejected. Cordon got some tips and tricks from Jenny on how to say no when it comes down to the proposal.

The best part of Karaoke with Jennifer was when Cordon decided to go through her phone. He was curious to find out the most famous person in her contacts. When he saw Leonardo Di Caprio's number, he decided to text him. “Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut the loose. Any suggestions? Let me know, J.Lo, you know from the block.” Jennifer was cracking up, cursing and what now while Cordon was texting Leo. In no time they got a response: “You mean tonight boo-boo? Club wise?” Get the party started, Jenny.

The fun never stops

With James Cordon fun is always guaranteed. We really burst from laughing while watching this, and we’re sure you will as well. Cordon hosted many famous palls in the Carpool Karaoke, and he won’t stop doing it in any time soon. If you want to laugh and to see goofing celebrities, don’t miss out Carpool Karaoke.