1. Staying focused is a lot easier in the morning


If you slip into your yoga pants first thing in the morning, you're unlikely to get distracted by the problems you have to deal with every day. Besides, your work mates are probably not even up now, so you won't get any annoying texts from them either.

2. It will jump-start your metabolism


Burning calories throughout the day is going to be a breeze if you sleep less and work out more at the crack of dawn. And we're not the only ones saying that - Monica Nelson, personal trainer at American Council, seems to agree with us.

3. Your morning workout session will regulate your appetite for the entire day


Because having a good, old-fashioned breakfast and going to the gym in the morning will make you want to take healthier food choices later on in the day.

4. Your hair and skin are bound to appreciate it


If you start the day by going to the gym, you're already a winner, mainly because sweating will give your skin a glorious natural glow, all that while making you take a post-workout shower, which will work some real wonders for your hair.

5. You can take advantage of the mug of coffee you drink in the morning


Because let's face it, you drink more than you should anyway, so why not put it to good use too? According to recent research, there's a strong link between caffeine and performance, and apparently, a cup of coffee before physical activity will most likely improve your strength and endurance.

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