1. Fluffy house slippers


Although definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gifts you could offer your girl on Valentine's Day, a pair of comfy house slippers in her favorite color are bound to make a great impression. Bonus points if you get the extra fluffy ones.

2. Scented candles


There's always been something inherently romantic about scented candles, because not only do they smell absolutely delightful, but they also have a way of creating a mysterious atmosphere even on a regular lazy Sunday evening. If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, go for flavors that are a bit more out of the ordinary, like 'Leather', 'Volcano' or even 'Fleece'.

3. Lipstick


No matter how great your girlfriend's make-up arsenal may be, there's always a shade of lipstick she doesn't have but has always wanted. Don't be afraid to buy something a little more pricy. Investing in a fancy brand will ultimately pay off, because women always appreciate a man with good tastes.

4. Comfy lingerie


Too many men buy their girlfriends hot lingerie sets on Valentine's Day, and that desperately screams "I want to get laid". Now, if you aim is to surprise the woman in your life and make her smile, you should choose something more laid-back - something like a Calvin Klein set, for instance.

5. A new bottle of her favorite fragrance


Every woman has her fragrance of choice, so unless you know about a specific one that she would like to have, there's no use buying a random bottle of perfume she's not going to wear. Therefore, getting her another bottle of what she already has is the safest and most considerate course of action. We women always love stocking up on fancy essentials, so there you go.

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