1. Be careful sweetie, word has it that a Stegosaurus is still roaming Fernwood


If you thought Lund's first bike trip was long, well, maybe you'd like to find out that "drawing" this lovely Stegosaurus took him no less than an hour and 56 minutes. The distance covered is pretty impressive too, as we're talking about 27.58 miles here.

2. Looks like the T-Rex got angry


And from the looks of it, his teeth have gotten a lot bigger too. The distance covered for this one? 24.48 miles in an hour and 43 minutes.

3. Okay people, this one may look cute, but it's actually a killer whale


A 20.62 mile long killer whale, to be more precise.

4. The largest Armadillo in the world has just been spotted in British Columbia


Canada is now almost as freaky as Australia.

5. Cute animals, cute animals all over the city


No matter what you say, you have to admit that there's hardly a better way to spend an hour and 7 minutes in the saddle of a bike. Miles covered? 16.34.

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